Welcome to an experimental photo-a-day project by T. Willow Dower, powered by Tumblr and Android. Each photo is uploaded directly from an LG Ally, with minimal post-processing done on the phone itself.

As a photographer, I'm interested in the use of low-resolution and distortion-inducing methods to capture the surreal and magical elements of the world around us that get lost in technically faithful representation. As a web programmer coming late to the smart phone and social media game, this is as much a goal intending to force myself to shoot more often and enjoy the flaws inherent in the medium as it is an excuse to play with new toys.

Some of my other photography exploring similar themes lives at Otherworld Reflections, a standalone web gallery.

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23rd March 2011

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backlog: granary burying ground, boston

backlog: granary burying ground, boston

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